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Why not Raise Money, Teach Educational Skills, Share Universal Wisdom & Build Unity simultaneously? A simple, uplifting performing arts program donors always love. Don't just sell stuff, give donors what they want, a deeply moving entertainment experience.

We are women on a mission. We are dedicated to raising the bar on fundraising strategies. We will demonstrate how you can raise money, teach crucial educational skills and share wisdom in fun and dramatic ways simultaneously.

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We will be sharing an informative post every month or more to explore:

  • How you can help a friend or group you care about (schools, churches, non-profits etc.)

  • How events raise the most money and why

  • How to open your supporters and donors’ hearts and generosity by giving them what they want most; A heartwarming educational experience that creates unity within your community.

  • How to grow your support/donor base gracefully & effectively

  • How to keep your volunteers coming back with enthusiasm

  • How to create new community leaders who love you for it, as they build confidence, courage and mutual respect.

  • How events can raise awareness and create unity for the highest good of all and much more!

We are doing this because:

We care deeply about the many needs and causes you care about.

We care deeply about our youth and want to be an empowering, guiding hand that enhances their future.

We honor the importance of planting the seeds of what connects us all on a deeply human level, seeds of we all want to create together like:

Beauty, blessing, communication, compassion, creativity, education, equality, freedom, friendship, gratitude, honoring, innocence, intuition, justice, kindness, laughter, love, peace, presence, respect, service, strength, trust, truth, understanding and vision.  We are also grateful to share clear educational processes and examples.

We believe how we raise money is as important as why we raise it and for whom. We have grown tired of the begging and entitlement mentality.

We know how positive, universal, educational and empowering our Collective Genius Program is, as our values can guide and motivate our perceptions, choices, attitudes, emotional tendencies and behaviors for the better.

We appreciate that donors want value for their contributions. They love uplifting, moving entertainment experiences, suitable for families and diverse groups.

We want to move beyond the materialistic stance of just selling more stuff!

We want to support fun causes too; artistic pursuits, travel and educational experience and whatever your heart desires, especially when you are willing to give something good back to those who support you.

We love to support uplifting performing arts programs for all age groups.

We know donors want to choose to share time, talent and funding and be part of the fun.

We understand most parents and fundraisers are overworked, needing a simple and well-organized program that can raise thousands of dollars.

We want everyone involved to have a chance to be the star they are and experience being empowered by this process.

We love seeing principled leadership skills being learned and demonstrated.

We love offering a program that works for simple grassroots efforts to upscale non-profit events.

We know the importance of teaching how to create from our core values and fully tapping our inner resources, creating from the inside, out into the world.

We are solution oriented fundraisers at heart who want to raise the bar with simple and successful programs. Sign up for our updates! All program sales support our scholarship program, so let’s have a win/win experience. Thank you for being part of the solutions by purchasing our event programs and enjoying our updates. We are the People’s Choice for Successful Event Fundraising Ideas

Our Mission is: To implement our passion for inspiring family entertainment while enhancing educational and principled leadership skills. We provide uplifting, interactive performing arts programs that honor & strengthen communities and foster unity, while generating money to fund groups and projects.

Expertly Designed to Make Thousands of Dollars from Multiple Streams of Income
* Ideal for schools, churches, non-profits and social groups of all kinds.
* Excellent for smaller groups of families and friends. Children often enjoy presenting this program at family reunions and other celebratory events.

Collective Genius
The Power of Brilliance,  The Strength of Funding
CG cover

“The most ethical, grassroots fundraising program imaginable” Sharra Snow, Colorado Free University

This positive universal program creates the opportunity for us all to experience and claim the collective genius of our values, goals, ideals, dreams and visions in active ways. It invites participants to focus upon and share insights into universal qualities that we all seek to embrace like: joy, laughter, peace, abundance, communication, freedom, play and much more in fun and dramatic ways.

* This uplifting program can be created almost instantly
* Teaches Appreciative Inquiry, a fundamental lifelong learning skill that opens our minds to greater discovery and insights.
* Builds cohesiveness within the performers and within the community as what we deeply appreciate increases naturally.
* Brings a fun element of surprise as it engages the audience
* Can easily showcase from 6 to 24 star performers within a one or two-hour program.        * Presents many simple ways to make money with your event

“In order to build community we must clearly honor community and each other in meaningful ways and sharing our collective genius is the gold standard with this empowering program.” Rev. Iris K Barratt

Our entire program with examples will be sent automatically as a download for only $79.00.


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