About Iris K Barratt & Her EBooks

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Iris is an inspirational catalyst who empowers genuine connection. Her writing passionately strengthens a deeper sense of connection within your self, family, community and humanity in healthy and memorable ways. Her work excels at providing practical public benefit with educationally based programs.

Her Oneness Process is now being shared in study groups in several countries around the world.

The Collective Genius Fundraising Program is also being shared worldwide. It promotes the power of brilliance with the strength of funding for groups of all sizes and varieties.

Ms. Barratt recently won the coveted Visionary Peacemaker Award from The Planet Peace Project for her Divination Workbook: An Experts Guide to Awakening the Power and Wisdom of Your Soul

Her other educationally based books include:
Children’s Celebrations and Ceremonies Workbook
For Strengthening Family and Community Copyright 2011
Book Cover 2
~Purchase here~

The Oneness Process: Appreciative Inquiry for Awakening Our Universal Wisdom
Copyright 2012
The Oneness ProcessPurchase here~
The Joy of Synchronicity: Inspiring Short Stories Copyright 2008
joy of synchronicity coverPurchase here~
Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother Copyright 2011
Ranting of a Psychic GrandmotherPurchase here~
The Divination Workbook: An Expert’s Guide to Awakening the Power and Wisdom of Your Soul copyright 1999
Divination Workbook
Purchase here

Leave a Legacy of Wisdom: A Process to Inspire Sharing Your Stories, Values & Insights

Purchase here~

Buy Iris Barratt’s intriguing titles at www.AnonymousExpressions.com/ebooks  www.Amazon.com and www.SmashWords.com most prices are $2.99 to $4.99

Enjoy this award-winning, humanitarian and visionary author! Info@WisdomEvents.org

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