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Collective Genius International Scholarship Awarded

We are grateful to have just awarded our first international scholarship to Tropical Clinics.

“Our fundraiser planned for April 2015 will benefit the women, children and their families in rural Kenya. We provide access to medical services through our medical center at Kakamega in Western Kenya. Women now have a place to receive maternal care for the first time in decades, children are vaccinated against vaccine-related diseases and many people are screened to prevent heart disease and other chronic illnesses. The funds we are planning to raise will be used to purchase medicine and medical supplies to continue our medical services for the rural poor.” Dr. Margaret Kilibwa, Founding Executive Director Tropical Clinics Organization

Medical Clinics in Kakamega, Kenya

Please visit their website at  We look forward to posting photos of their event.

Welcome to my new Fundraising Event Program site

My Mission Statement:
To implement our passion for inspiring family entertainment while enhancing educational and principled leadership skills. We provide uplifting, interactive performing arts programs that honor & strengthen communities and foster unity, while generating money to fund groups and projects.
Here is the cover for my new Fundraising Program, Collective Genius.
CG cover
Collective Genius is a fundraising event program that is profitable, positive, uplifting and educational.
Please feel free to like me! HA! I am so excited to get this site up!
I will have the product ready for purchase very soon! Look for updates! Thank you to all who are encouraging me to make this vision a reality. It feels like the most important work I have ever done!

Collective Genius Fundraising Program

CG cover

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