Collective Genius, Fundraising Events Ideas

Community Enrichment Program for Fundraising Events
Combines The Power of Brilliance and The Strength of Funding

Collective Genius Fundraising Program™

Finally, a Performing Arts Fundraising Program for Events that are Profitable, Positive, Uplifting and Educational. An empowering community enrichment program that donors always love~

Ideal for: Schools, Churches, Non-profits

Social & Civic Groups, Community Theater & Grassroots Efforts

Yes, we want an inspiring fundraising program for events that can:

* Raise Thousands of Dollars CG cover

* Be Created Almost Instantly

* Promote Performing Arts

 * Engage the Audience

* Empower Local Talent

* Build Unity Within Our Community

* Raise Money & Consciousness

* Support Fundraising Program Scholarships”

Collective Genius is an inspiring performing arts fundraising program for creating special events.

It features original dramatic readings of empowering statements, poetry, quotes and stories, all reflecting healthy universal values, like kindness, compassion, gratitude and trust, the universal commonalities where our performers and audience find and share healthy common ground.

Through our fun, clearly designed process, performers create and share original readings about universal values and how they enhance our lives individually and collectively.

Heartfelt music, song, dance, art and surprises for the audience are intermingled, all contributing to an inspiring, memorable event.

Imagine your senior or youth group sharing original dramatic readings about Peace, Love, Freedom, Laughter and other universal values. Weave in heartfelt music, poetry, quotes, song and dance and you have a super fun community event that raises money and makes your group look good year after year.

This fundraising program gives you step by step instruction for all key players:

* Creative Director: provides overall event management, opening and closing statements and performer introductions.

* Performing Arts Director: organizes performers and assists with their dramatic readings, music, dance and art.

* Media and Promotions Manager: gets the word out, manages ticket sales, corporate supporters and awards for participants and donors.

Simple and Ready almost Instantly
* Expertly designed for Large or Small Very Profitable Events
* Program can be ready to perform in a very short time
* Examples are provided for performers
* Builds confidence, self-esteem and unity within the performers.
* Demonstrates group clarity of positive universal qualities within ourselves and others
* Builds mutual trust, affirming each other and participating in something meaningful together as a team, empowers groups both individually and collectively.
* Can easily showcase from 6 to 24 star performers within a one or two-hour program.
* Perfect for Schools, Churches and Non-profits, everyone wants positive family entertainment events

Promoting your event is easy
* We offer FREE example invitations, news releases and phone scripts
* We offer FREE Awards to honor your participants, your audience and your volunteers

Star performers can usually prepare in as a week’s time after simple instructions are given and examples are presented. Most young people will use some of the example material provided and add some of their own original thinking. Our fundraising program is expertly designed with everything you need to create large profitable events. It can also be easily downsized for community and family projects, reunions and celebrations.

“Events are special because they offer the opportunity to honor so many people within your community” Rev. Iris K Barratt



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