Fundraising schools, churches and non-profits love

Non-Profit Fundraising Event Ideas

We believe that everyone wants uplifting family entertainment as most of us are tired of the violence, manipulation and drama that fills our world and is “called entertainment.”

We know people want or need to raise money for important purposes; to help a friend or family in need, to assist with medical bills or perhaps to fund a family or school vacation

* Social Groups, Churches, Non-profit and Community Events all want simple and fun ways to strengthen and enrich their bonds. We all collectively thrive with simple, educational and fun ways to build community and raise money for important causes.

We combine the Power of Brilliance with the Strength of Funding
We recognize that in these challenging times there is a strong universal hunger to be seen, heard and received, a hunger for true presence. Being heard and seen by others for “who we really are”, as we embrace positive values and qualities is such a rare and amazing experience. Collective Genius events provide this valuable experience for it’s participating stars. Our ability to find our universal voice and see ourselves through each other’s eyes and use every opportunity for accessing unity within our lives and our communities is like a sacred treasure.


Educational Benefits:

* Utilizes a positive form of appreciative inquiry questions, teaching a fundamental lifelong learning skill that opens our minds to greater discovery and insights.
* Everyone benefits from our abundance of free resources for marketing, free volunteer and star performer awards and our custom awards for sale program raises easy money while honoring others.

Community Benefits:

* This is an enriching, positive experience for all ages and audiences
* It is a fun, uplifting event that draws your community back together year after year.
* Brings a fun element of surprise as it engages the audience
* Demonstrates honoring ourselves and each other in fun, life enhancing ways
* Builds cohesiveness within the performers and within the community

Participant’s Benefits:

* Builds confidence, self-esteem and unity within the performers.
* Demonstrates group clarity of positive universal qualities within ourselves and others
* Builds mutual trust, affirming each other and participating in something meaningful together as a team, empowers groups both individually and collectively.
* Can easily showcase from 6 to 24 star performers within a one or two-hour program.
* As you discover new benefits, please share them with us!

“Our school is so grateful to be moving beyond selling stuff into having a moving and unifying community experience. We can see our students maturing in healthy ways right before our eyes” Linda Mae Hieter, Intermountain Regional Learning Center

“Many of the seniors in our group suffered from loneliness. This event gave us all a purpose and everyone bloomed, even the wallflowers. We enjoyed donating the money to meals on wheels.” Ellen Smith-Kerns

“I felt like the simple values of the past and the needs of the present merged into hope for the future.” Sharra Snow

“I’ve never liked negative drama. These dramatic readings were like hearing the voices of unity with the tone of truth being spoken.” Anonymous Grandfather

Everyone in our town loves displaying their great awards. What a great way to make money and make everyone look good too! Melissa Johnston

“This (program) is a perfect example of what Optimists are all about, we happy to provide sponsorship for this marvelous event.” Dr. James Henderson

” So much of what is “called entertainment” is really violence, manipulative drama and absolute crap. Thank you for raising the bar and bringing principled leadership to our youth.” Rotarian

“You have turned cookie dough and bread sticks into food for the soul. Brilliant!”
Nancy Silversteen

“An imperative move from our insane societal consumerism mentality into demonstrating important universal values and principles. This is collective genius. Kudos!”
Mary Bonn

“Now is the time and Collective Genius is the way to teach problem solving skills and generate resourcefulness for future generations to come.” Mildred Aimes

“Our church loves this. Jesus probably does too!” John Mendez age 10″

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