Poets and Songwriters Contests

Contest for Poetry, Songwriting and Prayers

Seeking Poets, Songwriters and Prayers with heartcandle love$100. Grand Prizes

Enter our contest and share your creative expression in our performing arts program for events. Become a star performer in our Collective Genius Fundraising Program and share your poetry, songs and prayers for important fundraising events.

*We provide an educational inquiry process and word prompts to inspire your creativity. Our Exploring Universal Values Process is designed to open your inner wisdom and promote your full artistic expression.  Our Collective Genius themes include many universal values and qualities that unite us all, like kindness, compassion, gratitude, joy, laughter, beauty, freedom and more.

Apply and receive FREE, our Exploring Universal Values Inquiry Process to tap into your inner wisdom and creativity. Winners receive a Collective Genius Award (for either Poetry, Songwriting or Prayers), an opportunity to perform at a fundraising event in Colorado or another scheduled event location,  a colorful Collective Genius T-shirt and $100. Grand prizes. Secondary prizes are colorful Collective Genius T-shirts, awards and other prizes are currently being collected.

Our $10. submission donation includes our Free creative inquiry process: Exploring Universal Values, Appreciative Inquiry & Empowering Language Skills. universal vlaues cover

  • Our first 50 submissions automatically receive a colorful Collective Genius Award for Participation! All submissions are copyrighted by you, the artist.
  • Awards are laminated for safe-keeping, which really brings out the script and colorful border. Sent by first class mail when you provide your mailing address and your name as you want it printed on your award. Apply at Contests@WisdomEvents.org
  • Collective Genius Award Scan

By submitting your work, you automatically agree to:

  • Offer our Collective Genius Fundraising Program for Events the right to share your work with others who utilize our program. Our program asks that credit is always given to you, the artist for your original poetry, songs and prayers.
  • Allow Wisdom Events.org to post your photos or videos on our website or Facebook page, unless you specifically request we do not post them.
  • When you share your poem, song or prayers with others, please mention that it is your original work that was created for Wisdom Events.org’s Collective Genius Fundraising Program.
  • If you live elsewhere and choose not to perform at our event in Conifer, CO. in April, or another one of our live events, you are still eligible for the prize benefits.
  • All submission participants will receive special consideration for our Collective Genius Program Scholarships. This step by step program allows you to create your own Collective Genius Fundraising Program in your area for a cause you care about. Please apply at: info@wisdomevents.org
  • All poetry, songs and prayers must have one of the following themes and must be original. Your theme must be the title of your piece or within the title.


Abundance, Acceptance, Adventure, Affirmations, Balance, Beauty, Being, Blessings, Brilliance, Brother /Sisterhood, Caring, Clarity, Co-Creation, Commitment, Communication, Companionship, Compassion, Concentration, Consistency, Courage, Creativity, Delight, Divination, Divinity, Ecology, Education, Efficiency, Enlightenment, Enthusiasm, Equality, Eternity, Excellence, Expectancy, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Freedom, Friendship, Guidance, Good Wishes, Grace, Gratitude, Harmony, Healing, Honesty, Honoring, Humor, Humility, Illumination, Innocence, Inspiration, Integration, Integrity, Inquiry, Intuition, Joy, Justice, Kindness, Laughter, Light, Love, Loyalty, Mastery, Miracles, Nurturing, Openness, Optimism, Passion, Patience, Peace, Perfection, Permission, Play, Power, Presence, Purification, Purpose, Respect, Responsibility, Service, Simplicity, Solutions, Strength, Surrender, Synchronicity, Synergy, Tenderness, Tolerance, Trust, Truth, Understanding, Vision

  • Include your name (as you want it printed on your award), phone number, email and the address you want your award sent to. If your poem or song is co-created by more than 1 person, fine, just also submit their information so that proper credit and copyright may be given when your work is shared.

Poetry and Prayers are limited to 40 lines, any form or style

Songs are limited to 3 to 4 minutes long

All submissions are to be primarily uplifting and universal.  You may also integrate other of our key theme words above. You may also indicate the opposite of the key word as well. For example, if you choose to use freedom, the opposite may be oppression, exploitation or slavery.

Please state if you want to perform your work at one of our events, otherwise you just give permission for others to perform it, honoring you as the author/songwriter and copyright holder. Submissions for poetry and prayers may be sent in written format or written and video format by email to: info@WisdomEvents.org

Submissions for songs must be video recorded.

Please state if you want to perform your song at one of our events, otherwise you just give permission for others to perform it, honoring you as the songwriter and copyright holder. Submissions for songs may be sent as an attachment by email to: info@wisdomevents.org   Or by sending us a link to YouTube or other website where your video may be easily viewed.

 Contests run all year long on a quarterly basis with deadlines the first of March, June, September and December. Winner are announced and awards and prizes sent two weeks after each contest deadline.

Thank you for sharing your creative genius and being part of our Collective Genius Fundraising Program for events.

The mission of Wisdom Events.org and the Collective Genius Program is: “To implement our passion for inspiring family entertainment while enhancing educational and principled leadership skills. They provide uplifting, interactive, performing arts programs that honor & strengthen communities and foster unity, while generating money to fund groups and projects.”

The core of this program that perpetually blossom within our hearts, is the claiming and sharing of universal qualities and wisdom. To make this process as universal as possible, the foundation lies in everyone sharing their universal wisdom in a dramatic reading. We trust everyone has inner wisdom and that you are ripe, willing and able to find your personal and universal voice.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to first work our Exploring Universal Values, Appreciative Inquiry & Empowering Language Skills Process, as it is presented and create sentences as a dramatic reading first, then write your poem or song or prayer.
We see our program optimally containing dramatic readings, (intense yet natural), blended with poetry, songs and prayers, perhaps chants and dancing. We are collective genius and our expressions are varied, deep, wide, limitless, really.
Optimally, please do your best to create a reading of your responses and then integrate other forms of artistic expressions that suit your fancy. You have our blessing of full creative expression in a hug right now, so please receive it! HA!
Here is an example about Innocence. It is a dramatic reading with a poem integrated into it.

In this performance, I may choose to read paragraphs with a partner, reading back and forth. I may choose to do my dramatic reading and allow another person to share their poem or song with our mutual theme and perform together, which many people find highly enjoyable! This example was created by using our Exploring Universal Values, Appreciative Inquiry & Empowering Language Skills Process, as it is presented.


I appreciate how innocence glows from the faces of babies and the elderly. I appreciate how comfortable animals are with their innocence, I appreciate how innocence thrives in the present moment & how innocence can release our guilt that lurks in the past. I appreciate how refreshing it can feel to not know & not care, just innocently accept what is, right now. I appreciate how gentle yet strong innocence feels within one’s aura. I appreciate how my sense of innocence persuades me to stay in the moment without dashing off into past or future crusades. I appreciate how my innocence invites and recognizes the innocence of others. I deeply appreciate how mutual innocence leaves no room for petty judgments, and how innocent love can set us free to be.

I can imagine creating more innocence by imagining and feeling like I am cuddled within the embrace of innocence when relaxing in my warm bed, just as I am dropping off to sleep.
I can imagine creating more innocence by being funny in an innocent way. I can imagine creating more innocence mainly by claiming it as an inherent part of everyone’s being and holding that knowing close to my heart.

In 1999 while living in Sun Valley Idaho, I shared time with a wonderful group of women. One of the special women within my group was Lavonne Marie. Lavonne was an expert Watsu practitioner. Watsu is an amazing therapeutic process where the individual flows your body within a pool of warm water, keeping your head above the water and allowing your body to just let go and flow. Many people experience a sense of being in the womb; a place where all of their needs are absolutely met and they feel warm and safe. I had a very profound experience of innocence one day while receiving Watsu from Lavonne at the Gateway Center in Hailey.

As she floated my body through the water I experienced warmth, deep relaxation and a profound sense of surrender. She then amazingly put an arm underneath my knees and cuddled me next to her in a fetal position and she held me there, rocking me gently for an extended time. While I was in this fetal position, I experienced a profound sense of innocence as if I were a young baby, a child and an old person all at the same time. As I began to fully integrate this sense of innocence within my soul she slowly opened my body up so that I was lying on top of the water and slowly swirled me around underneath the open sky. As she did this I had a sense of integrating innocence within myself and as I twirled beneath the sky, I felt the entire world as one innocent soul. It was a very profound experience of innocence for me and I will always be grateful to Lavonne for her expertise.

When I wonder what positive new activities feeling more innocence might inspire to me to enjoy, I know I can play more with children and play better with adults. I could enjoy making a collage that reflects innocence. I could focus on carrying and embodying the energy or vibration of innocence for a day. I could imagine wearing innocence as a cloak of invisibility. ooh I like that!

If I wanted to appreciate the influence of innocence in my life in an even deeper way I could claim the way innocence is reflected in my intentions & actions in a deeply grateful way. I could actively allow innocence to help me let go of the grip of the past with its seeming mistakes. I could dance with the essence of innocence and flow it out into the world in the spirit of equality. I could watch for how innocence merges with other essences like freedom and acceptance and celebrate it all. I am grateful I am open to seeing innocence anywhere and at any time.

In order to draw more innocence into our lives, I think we can all benefit by releasing Guilt or the feelings of not living up to our own standards. In order to draw more innocence into our lives, I think we can all benefit by releasing past mistakes and self-pity. In order to draw more innocence into our lives, I think we can all benefit by letting go of old shame or feelings of not living up to the standards of others. To draw more innocence into our lives, I think we can all benefit by letting go of excessive desires for control.
The Biggest thing I see that destroys innocence around the world is verbal abuse. That is why I Have chosen to share this poem about verbal abuse called Shame on you Written by Iris K Barratt Copyright 2006

Shame, Shame, Shame on you
Do you even know the damage that you do?
It hurts everyone to see how you treat us,
Like we are dumb and stupid, you verbally beat us.
Shame on you for the tyrant that you are,
Spewing mean, angry swords as you leave another scar.
What you value is control, you freak,
How dare you terrorize we who are merely meek?
Why do you shame and blame?
Why it’s just another superiority game.
It sadly makes you feel superior,
While, thrashing an innocent being’s interior.
Your ugly game has absolutely no winner
It only makes you a self-righteous sinner.
The only way out of your abusive game,
And really give up your shame and your blame,
Is to find real values, good and true.
And plant them inside and make them you.
The truth of the matter and the truth about you,
Is that you are miserable, unhappy and don’t know what to do.
I say unto you- You, YOU must change what you do.
Plant seeds that give value like esteem, love and trust,
For your behavior is destructive and change it you must!
Shame, Shame, Shame on you
Wake up now to see and change the damage that you do.

I think all relationships in life benefit from claiming and sharing more innocence. I am beginning to see others innocence apart from the stupid things they have done and as I do, forgiveness becomes easier or unnecessary. I love seeing & feeling innocence within the animal kingdom, like even when one species kills to feed their family, it is an innocent and natural part of survival & life. I see innocence when my chipmunks steal my birdseed and run off like they do, in conquest.

I can strongly sense I am really demonstrating innocence when I know in my heart that my intentions are pure & my innocence is intact when falsely accused of something. I wonder how many prisoners have felt this way. I can strongly sense I am really demonstrating innocence when I experience childlike freedom & joy during play of any kind.

Other positive qualities that inspire me to be more innocent are Freedom and harmony. Joy, surrender and play can enhance my sense of innocence. My sense of justice and courage can bring innocence out. Other positive qualities that inspire me to be more innocent are laughter, gratitude & feeling the inner guidance of love.

I think what most people appreciate about innocence is how refreshing it is to find innocence within ourselves & within others. I think most people appreciate how innocence encourages and strengthens freedom & justice & responsibility. I think most of us appreciate how we can see innocence in the faces of children and all glowing people. I think we can all appreciate how clear and present and true innocence can feel.

It is in every one of us to be wise enough to see the innocence within others that also lives within ourselves. We recognize innocence as a universal quality because we are born with it, all of us are. Innocence may be inherent in who we really are. We can take innocence with us into eternity and it’s free for the taking. Innocence can inspire us to want to live a life of integrity with freedom, responsibility and greater play.

If I found a wise voice to express the impact of innocence I think it might say;
I am the laughter & innocent play of the divine child. I delight in each present moment. I encourage you to bring your actions into alignment with your innocent essence. I honor past mistakes as a natural part of life and learning in earth school. I can laugh about myself in just the same innocent ways as you can. Thank you.~~(The end)

“Being heard and seen by others for “who we really are”, as we embrace positive values and qualities is a rare and amazing experience. Collective Genius events provide this valuable experience for all participating stars. Our ability to express inspiring universal qualities and see ourselves through each others eyes offers a wealth of empowerment for everyone. Congratulations, Collective Genius is on the wings of great change.”

-Ms. Sharra Snow, Colorado Free University

When your $10. donation is received, you will automatically receive our FREE  “Exploring Universal Values Inquiry Process” to inspire your creative writing and promote your full artistic expression.

universal vlaues cover

All submission fees strictly cover costs of contest, awards, mailing and T-shirts.

Thank you for supporting the many causes we all care about~

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