We gratefully provide fun and uplifting family entertainment programs for events. We are dedicated to raising the bar on fundraising strategies. We will demonstrate how you can raise money, teach crucial educational skills and share universal wisdom in fun and dramatic ways simultaneously.

Our affordable program is a great $149. value. It includes 25  performance examples, example new releases, awards and so much more!

·         We want to support large groups and small grassroots fundraising efforts too.

·         We want to support fun causes too; artistic pursuits, travel and educational experience and whatever your heart desires, especially when you are willing to give something good back to those who support you.

·         We offer many full and partial scholarships to promote important causes.

To apply for one of our scholarships, please email us the following information to

Name of your organization or group

Who and what will your fundraiser benefit?

What is the name of the person in charge of implementing the program?

What is their email?

How many other people do you have in your group to assist with your fundraising event?

Do you agree that if you are given a scholarship, you will share photos, quotes or video with us to assist in promoting our program?

How did you hear about our scholarship program?

Is there anything else you want to share with us about your cause?

Thank you for your time, we will respond to your request ASAP.


Happy and Blessed Fundraising!

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